The Bear Clan says they pulled nearly six grams of methamphetamine off Winnipeg’s streets Friday night — more than they’ve ever found before.

To put that into context, a point of meth costs about $10, which could keep someone high for nearly 13 hours, says James Favel, co-founder of the Bear Clan Patrol. There are about 10 points per gram of meth, he explained.

“All the stuff we’ve found to date, that is larger than all of it combined,” he said.

“It’s so cheap, that even that large quantity is less than $600 worth of methamphetamine.”

The contents of the bottle were weighed at Winnipeg Police Service headquarters, Favel says. (Facebook/Bear Clan Patrol Inc. )

The methamphetamine was found in a community garden along Selkirk Avenue by Bear Clan volunteers who were surveying the area for needles. The bottle was taken to police.

The Bear Clan used to find meth from time to time, but now are pulling it off the street on an almost weekly basis, Favel said.

“It used to be that we’d find a bag here, a bag there,” he said.

“It’s so readily available now, that that kind of a find is becoming commonplace.”

The volunteer-run Bear Clan Patrol leads walks through Winnipeg’s inner city and North End every week to provide an added sense of security to the streets.

Members do everything from helping to search for missing persons and picking up discarded needles to helping those at-risk or in need of medical attention.

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